Senior Puppy Program

Our senior puppy program is suitable for puppies aged from 16 weeks to 6 months of age

The focus of this program is for owners to develop a better relationship with their puppy and puppies to gain the basics in general obedience.

Aims for a Senior Puppy Program


  • respond to name and give eye contact
  • begin socialising with dogs, children and adults
  • sit when asked
  • sit for greeting
  • drop when asked
  • settle on a mat with short duration
  • beginnings of loose lead walking
  • progression of recalls
  • accept collar holds
  • tolerate gentle handling
  • “wait” or short ‘stay’ with owner staying with pup

Owner education

  • positive reinforcement training
  • handling and grooming
  • toilet training
  • bite inhibition
  • appropriate play for this age group
  • understanding and managing normal behaviour for this age group

If you would like to enrol in the next available class or require further information please contact me