About Us

Pam Davis -Orange Pet Dog Training with Bono, Golden Retriever

My Passion for dogs

I've owned dogs my entire life. Growing up on a property near Cooma, we always had pet Labradors, which my brothers trained as gun dogs to retrieve wild ducks. Being a mixed farm producing beef and sheep, I was often involved in mustering and also training our working dogs, Border Collies and Kelpies.
Moving to Orange and living in town, my four legged friends were Corgies, a Beagle and again, Labradors.

Why I became a Dog Trainer

APDT AustraliaThrough my own desire to have a well-behaved dog, Cadbury (my first chocolate Labrador) and I completed Puppy School and then Obedience Training. This is where I was first introduced to Positive Reward Training. It was a light bulb moment for me - I realised I could make a difference to dog owners. I could improve the lives of dogs and their owners by becoming a qualified trainer.

Branching into Therapy with my dogs 

One of the most rewarding experiences I have shared with my dogs is via involvement with pet therapy programs in Orange. From 2003 till 2017 I have worked together with my golden Labrador - Babe, and later Bono my Golden Retriever. Together with my two dogs we regularly visited Aged Care/Dementia units at Wontama, Mental Health, Ascot Gardens, Cherrywood, St Francis and Anson Street School. As well as participating in the therapy side of the organisation I also became Assistant Co-Ordinator within the program and helped to coordinated new members and fundraising.

Some of our achievements include:

  • 2008 Delta Society award for Commitment to the Delta Pet Partners Program
  • 2010 Rotary Club of Orange Calare Volunteer Award for Oustanding Service in the Orange Community.
  • 5 year badge for service to Delta Pet Therapy Program
  • 10 year badge for service to Delta Pet Therapy Program

I also volunteered for the SPOT program (save pets out there) which was coordinated through Delta Society, for two years my dogs and I visited schools educating infant children on caring for pets and being safe around dogs.

I later went on to become the satellite trainer for Assistant Dogs Australia, this program involved helping to train the inmates at Kirconnel Prison facility to train puppies from 12 weeks to 14 months with all the basic training to become an assistant dog for a paraplegic or companion dog for children with autism. 

Orange Pet Dog Training

In 2012 I started my own dog training business - Orange Pet Dog Training. I run regular training classes for basic manners in puppy classes and adult dog training and problem-solve for behaviours not wanted in the home environment such as barking, digging and any other undesired behaviours. 

Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Dog Training and Behaviour), International Dog Academy

Ongoing Education and Development:

I regularly attend conferences and workshop with both local and overseas practitioners to address all areas of dog behaviour and training, keeping up to date with the latest information in the dog training world as well as networking with other trainers. 

These events also showcase the latest in dog training equipment such as collars, leads and harness’ as well as dog toys specially designed to help puppies cope with home alone time to use their natural instincts to work for food.

My commitment to the community

I'm involved with regular consultation at Companion Animal Meetings held by Orange Council and contribute to the discussion on the needs for Companion Animals in our local area, including expanding off-leash areas with appropriate signage, changes in where dogs are allowed and helping the community with desexing programs and education programs.

As treasurer of the Orange & District Kennel and Obedience Club, I regularly assist in the annual program including 2-day champion breeds program in November, dog show held in conjunction with the Orange Agricultural Show.  Both these events showcase many pure breed dogs and are a great opportunity for the general public to speak with breeders and meet the dogs if they are planning to get a family pet. I also volunteer as a trainer for the club’s dog training program to help owners socialise their dogs and learn basic manners.

My Dog Sitting Service

I have a great clientele I dog sit for. I come to your home to care for your pets while you are away as well as take in mail, put out bins and watering any plants if required.

My passion is to help owners to have well-behaved puppies and dogs and to really enjoy their time together.