Puppy & Dog Training & Classes

Our Classes

  1. Baby Puppy Program

  2. Cafe Dog Classes

Baby Puppy Program

Our Baby Puppy Program aims to achieve the following

Download  baby puppy training profile doc

Your puppy will learn to

  • Respond to name
  • Train your puppy to go to it's mat or crate
  • Begin socialising with dogs, children and adults
  • Sit for greeting, food bowl, to have lead attached, when entering and exiting doors and gateways, before getting in the car and before getting out of the car, before crossing the road and many other situations.

Sit  =  Please

Bessie the Graduate

The most important behaviour to teach on cue

  • Drop or lie down
  • Beginnings of loose lead walking
  • Beginnings of puppy coming back to you
  • Accepting being held by the collar
  • Accept gentle handling all over

You as New Puppy Owners

  •  Understand how puppies learn with Positive Reinforcement Training
  • How to handle and groom puppies
  • The basics of toilet training
  • Stopping your puppy biting
  • Understanding and managing normal puppy behaviour, for example jumping, barking, mouthing digging.
  • Health requirements
  • Suitable training equipment for your puppy
  • Provide things for your puppy to do while home alone
  • Food requirements
  • Places where puppies can and can’t go
  • Laws relating to owning a puppy

Most importantly enjoy your puppy and your training.

Cafe Dog Class

Cafe Dog classes

These classes are for fur-children 6 months or older

The classes are designed to build on your puppy class skills to help you and your dog be able to participate in our busy social lives in a happy and confident way.  

What's included:

  • 4 x 1 hour classes
    Bono golden Labrador  retriever
  • A training facility that allows for various exercises and stimuli
  • Some of the skills you and your fur-child will be perfecting are:

-  Short leash tie-up
-  Sitting with distraction
-  Lying with distraction
-  Door etiquette
-  Polite meet and greet
-  Stay with distraction/distance
-  Recall with distraction/distance
-  Walking calmly on lead
-  Equipment awareness - harness, lead, muzzle
-  Crate training

  • Graduation certificate
  • Graduation report
  • Graduation goodie pack 

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